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31 December 2008 @ 11:32 am
yeap, i love SID too much. :D

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! be careful w/ ur fireworks
ya.... that's how bored i am.. o_o

my hair's still wet. i can't sleep with my hair damp. i'll have to wait for it to dry.

i don't want to blowdry it either because i'm too lazy.

i really, really don't want to go to school tomorrow.


and i don't really get the new lesson in science we had today...........

and i hate math............... forever.....................

and ap............. it's hard...................

this ranting wouldn't really get me anywhere, would it?


i don't like this certain "marcy".

i've never had a grudge on someone this bad before.

she makes me go crazy.

i hate her.

what should you do to someone you really hate?

id really k what to do with her..............



tl;dr - GTFO marcy. i h8 u.
i'm in: hate land
feeling: boredbored
listening to: she said "she's just being Miley.."
15 December 2008 @ 11:09 pm
you really made me tired today... but i love you.

i'll never forget you. (hopefully) buwahaha

we shall see each other again someday.. when you're older.. or something. :D

ya. doraemon is awesome. :)
feeling: boredbored
listening to: he said forever and alwaaays..
15 December 2008 @ 11:00 pm
hello :D it's so sad that i don't update my journal anymore...

ya.. you got it.. i'm bored. :-<

my friends aren't online, so i have come here for refuge. (?) 

but, i sure am glad that we're like, free from quizzes and homeworks! :) (wait homeworks not so sure)

ahh. haven't had a relaxing night in a while.

will make the most out of it.


i don't like you, Marcy. and never will.

feeling: boredbored
listening to: 'cuz it rains in your bedroom...
02 June 2008 @ 08:53 pm
aloha kids. :-j sup.

it's been a while since my last entry.


ok bye! :D
feeling: bouncybouncy
listening to: i lie awake at night... D:
24 April 2008 @ 10:43 am
suuuuup. haven't blogged here in a while.

a friend just told me to go back here so. yeee.



actually i'm just kinda bored so..

i like this emoticon in yahoo messenger. --> :-j

feeling: fullfull
listening to: YOU'LL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ME.. D:
04 February 2008 @ 10:52 pm


yeah whatever.

have so  much blog accounts.
first made Multiply, then trashed it. friends recommended LJ, so made one, then trashed it. made Ameblo to leave footprints and blog, then trashed it. then made Jugem and currently blogging there. i wonder if i`ll ever abandon my jugem, too.

actually i hated blogging. i used to tell myself blogging was pointless but wtf. but i don`t know.

oh life is a mystery.

whatever, later.
i'm in: bed oooh.
feeling: depresseddepressed
listening to: emo.
24 December 2007 @ 10:34 am
huwaaaow. i'm such a lazy old hag.

i'm not updating my blog AT ALL...

geez. poor blog of mine.

just rotting over there...

feeling: blahuhh.
listening to: Plastic Tree - Fujunbutsu.
28 October 2007 @ 02:11 pm
ehehe. went to angie's place yesterday.
yes, we are kids @ heart.
so what if we're already TEENAGERS, hmm? HMM?!
anyway, was fun. i wore an all black outfit. was kinda scary {well, for me @ least}, and so did jem. we were wearing witch hats. kat wore angie's dress that looked a bit gothic. {the last time angie wore that was when she was er.. 5. lol} that's how thin kat is. shawie was a.. magician lol. yannie and angie were jus wearing normal stuff so, they jus wore witch hats as well. lol. nina couldn't come :( we were with NICOLE, angie's cute cousin. oh she's so adorable. had lots of candies. we ate then played marco polo. they always want me to be the it. uhg. anyway, yeh was fun.
gathered all our candies and divided them. lol.
ahuhu lol. when yannie left, i chased her car and copied san chai (meteor garden) and shouted, "DAO MING SI!" oh ship, i felt like an idiot afterwards. i did the same thing to jem too. lol. ionno if she noticed. anyway...
ohoho. when i came home, waited for MJ in NHK. waited oh so long.
saw alice nine ahaa. they played tsubasa. nao was cute and tora was hot. and shou too. saga can speak english properly? lol. and...
yeh. today is.
yeh. he's naw. er.. lol.
im guessing.. 26? lol. not sure. ajajohu.
wow. this is so long. so boring to reeaaad.
later beibehs.
feeling: ehehe.
listening to: Watashi wa Ame - SID
26 October 2007 @ 06:27 pm
cheerdance is.

FINALLY OVEEER. -rejoices-

this day was so hectic. ha. CLUB+CHEERDANCE+REPORT CARD.
well, club was. kk. card was. kk too. too bad some of my A's turned into B+'s {conduct.} oh well. still not bad. i  think.. (?)
ahuhu. lol. UNITY {our section}'s 4th place. {most synchronized. yeh.}
..but i thought we were going to be 6th place. {out of 8, baby.}
considering the fact that we never really maximized our time for practice and we were always behind the other classes. in fact, we just finished the steps yesterday. we crammed. geez.

btw, our adviser? pshh.
she called us LOUSY. {well, that was before, which was. last week?} cuz we couldn't do things right.
well, she's oh so small and shiny.
yeh. shiny.
her face. full of oil, k?...
yeh. she can't even speak proper ENGLISH.
yeh. what a lame-o.
...she never even bothered to lend her fracking period to us {for practice i mean.} even the other teachers were more supportive than she was, considering they gave their periods to us for practice.
we showed her our efforts. we showed her that we were trying our best to cooperate.
we were too LOUSY.

well, we proved her wrong.
we're not lousy after all, eh? ahaha.
well actually, i don't get why. we got the award for..
i mean, wtf. we were so lame. i mean, yeh. we had the plainest steps and formations and weren't even dancing @ the same time.

seriously, those  judges  are blind.  or..  maybe.  we just improved.
k whatever.
im so tired. k later.
i'm in: volcano.
feeling: tiredtired
listening to: please don't stop the music. [music, music..]